Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading LLC

Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading L.L.C is an International Scrap Trading Company based in Sharjah (U.A.E), was established in 2008. Founded on the principles of quality, honesty, integrity and versatility, Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading L.L.C has grown to be one of the most trusted names in U.A.E. for supplying a wide range of metal scrap.

Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading L.L.C has created a niche in the scrap trading industry within a couple of years of establishment and has met client expectations in terms of premium grade of metal scrap. Recycled metals provided by Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading L.L.C are more cost-effective and in some cases, better alternative to raw metals.

The core operations of Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading L.L.C is focused at sourcing different grades of ferrous & non ferrous metal scrap from our partner yards in Middle East, West & East Africa. Due to the extensive ground knowledge and relationship with yards we are able to continuously supply premium grade metal scrap to our Global Clients with assured quality, timely delivery & clear documentation. Our suppliers are carefully screened for experience, quality, and professionalism so that our clients have a smooth transaction. Always going above and beyond industry standards, Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading L.L.C is a result oriented company which has set itself apart as the most efficient and cost effecting metal scrap company in U.A.E. Delivering outstanding service and a full range of metal scrap solutions is what makes Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading L.L.C stand out amongst its peers.

Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading L.L.C is committed to significantly reduce the environmental impact caused by the metal manufacturing industries. The recycling of scrap metal by Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading L.L.Cs conserves natural resources, reduces mineral extraction, allows metal to be reused in the manufacturing industry, reduces landfill, saves energy and reduces green houses emissions. At Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading L.L.C, we are committed to continuously improve production to enhance our efficiency and the quality of our product while minimizing the impact of our operation on the environment. We are an innovative and responsive company, utilizing the latest technology in metal recycling to make our metal management system the most efficient, safe and environment friendly that it can be.

Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading L.L.C maintains a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from multi-national corporations to one time customers. It has always been the thumb rule of the management of Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading L.L.C that every customer is an integral part of business success and thus receives the best possible service from one or many of our highly trained staff. The Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading L.L.C experience is like none other and the commitment to clients show in the long standing business relationships worldwide. Our competitive strengths are our supply center, our customer base, our commitment to quality and our experienced management team. If you are also looking for a reliable partner to help you source materials, we are just a call away.



It’s my pleasure to introduce you to BLUE SEA METAL SCRAP TRADING L.L.C, a true reflection of an indomitable spirit of human endeavor and extend a warm welcome to its Website.

We have propelled ourselves into 2014 with a determination to see this year through with accomplishments and advances. We continue to adjust our strategies as per the continual changes we face in the economic, political and natural environments of the world. With every influential world event, we have increasingly realized the importance of remaining strategically fluid, alert and readiness to adapt

From an internal perspective, Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading L.L.C continues to fortify its operations, bringing to light applicable management trends and operational advances to boost our proficiency. Our latest achievement comes in the form of our Metal Recycling Association of New Zealand, enhancing our resolve to be as compatible with the environment as our industry can allow.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say with a sense of pride that the company’s performance during the year gone by, despite being fraught with unprecedented challenges is no doubt creditable considering the unfavorable global economic scenario that we were pitched into.

It would be unfair if I don’t acknowledge and appreciate the untiring effort put in by our staff consisting of the Directors, Key Management Personnel, Senior Executives, Managers and also every employee who painstakingly played their roles with precision and brevity, true to the expectation. The whole team worked as a well knit strand amidst uncertainties and enormous challenges to ensure due accomplishment of the company’s business plan.

I also gratefully acknowledge the numerous support extended by our Vendors and Clients and the trust reposed which helped in no small measure not only to achieve our goal, but also to take forward our expansion programme that we aim to achieve.

While assuring that Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading L.L.C will continue to live up to its reputation, I look forward to the co-operation and support of our vendors and clients going forward, as always.

Warm Regards,
Anis Ahmad Burney
Managing Director

managing dorector ANIS AHMAD BURNEYManaging Director

Our Mission

Our mission is to cater to the specific scrap metal needs of our customers and, at the same time, to expand our sourcing points by creating strategic alliances with our key suppliers to best create value for our clients.We want to generate value for all our stakeholders by making the most optimal use of all available resources and opportunities in an ethical, lawful and efficient manner.

Our mission further extends into our external environment, and our commitment to working together with our business partners, community organizations and interested stakeholders to improve our environmental quality and progress towards a clean and safer place to live and work for our future generations.

In order to achieve high growth and success for our various business concerns, Blue Sea Metal Scrap Trading L.L.C has combined specialized synergies and resources to become a most preferred partner in our client network.

Our Vision

To actively pursue long lasting relationships by partnering with our customers providing quality service built upon integrity, honesty, and professionalism and stand committed in meeting our employees and customers needs by exceeding their expectations.